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University leaders Lincoln University are now offering two new courses to help expand skills, nurture futures & help meet industry demands. As of 2022 Lincoln University will be offering courses covering Brewing & Fermentation as well as a Fintech course.


Lincoln University are offering New Zealand’s first bachelor’s degree & a graduate diploma in brewing & fermentation. The course itself covers brewing beer and fermenting products such as cheese, kombucha, cider, yogurt, kimchi & kefir.

The two qualifications meet the needs of people looking to start their career, with the bachelor’s degree, and others looking to expand their skills or move in a different direction, with the graduate diploma.


The new Master of Fintech & Investment Management degree introduces students to the technological disruption underway in the global financial services industry.

The programme covers a diverse range of topics including investment management, financial risk management and alternative investments, financial computing with Python, databases and professionalism in the IT industry, software development, managerial research methods, and compliance in finance.

Whilst covering these topics, the course offers hands-on experience with industry placement in fintech related firms.

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